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Biography and Networth

Jennifer Eliogu Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings, Boyfriend, State of Origin, Sister, Daughter

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Jennifer Eliogu, born on April 30, 1976, is a renowned Nigerian actress and singer known for her remarkable contributions to the Nollywood film industry. She hails from Ụmụazụ village in Uke, Idemili, Anambra State, and was raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. She pursued her education and obtained a diploma from the University of Jos before earning a B.Sc. degree from Lagos State University.

Jennifer Eliogu Husband and Children

Jennifer Eliogu is married and has two children, although the name of her husband has not been disclosed publicly.

Jennifer Eliogu Net Worth

With a successful career in acting and music, Jennifer Eliogu has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Jennifer Eliogu Career and Source of Wealth

In 1997, Jennifer Eliogu made her debut in the Nigerian movie industry with the film titled “House On Fire.” She gained recognition for her roles in various Nollywood films and had the privilege of working with notable personalities like Rich Tanksley, Kenneth Okolie, Susan Peters, Bolanle Ninalowo, Moyo Lawal, Desmond Elliot, Rukky Sanda, among others.

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In 2012, she briefly shifted her focus to music and released her first music project titled “Ifunanya.” The project earned her a nomination for Best R&B Video at the Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA) in the same year.

Jennifer Eliogu Age and Real Name

Jennifer Eliogu was born on April 30, 1976, making her [current age] years old as of [current date]. Her full real name is Jennifer Eliogu.

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Jennifer Eliogu Tribe and Religion

Jennifer Eliogu’s tribe is Igbo, as she hails from the southeastern region of Nigeria. However, her specific religious affiliation has not been mentioned in the provided information.

Jennifer Eliogu State of Origin

Jennifer Eliogu’s state of origin is Anambra State, which is situated in the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Jennifer Eliogu Social Media Channels

Unfortunately, the information provided does not include details about Jennifer Eliogu’s presence on social media platforms like Instagram or other channels.

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Jennifer Eliogu House and Cars

Details about Jennifer Eliogu’s house and cars are not provided in the provided information.

Jennifer Eliogu Educational Background and Schools Attended

Jennifer Eliogu pursued her education, earning a diploma from the University of Jos and a B.Sc. degree from Lagos State University.

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