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Biography and Networth

Laide Bakare Biography: Age, Husband, Net Worth, Brother, Mother, Siblings, State of Origin, Wikipedia

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Laide Bakare is a popular Nigerian actress and television personality, widely known for her exceptional talent and contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry. Born on October 7, 1980, in Oyo State, Nigeria, she grew up in Ibadan and is the eldest of five siblings. Laide Bakare attended primary and secondary school in Ibadan before starting her journey towards stardom.

Laide Bakare Early Life and Education:

Laide Bakare attended the University of Ibadan to study History and Strategic Studies, but her passion for acting led her to leave the university during her second year to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Laide Bakare Career and Accomplishments:

Laide Bakare’s acting career began in 1999, and she quickly gained recognition for her exceptional performances in numerous Nollywood movies. Over the years, she has shared the screen with top actors like Jide Kosoko, Antar Laniyan, and Odunlade Adekola, showcasing her versatility and talent.

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Apart from her acting prowess, Laide Bakare has also delved into movie production and directing. Some of her notable works include “Jejere,” “Aye Mi,” and “Sisi Caro.” Her dedication and creativity earned her accolades, such as the Best Yoruba Actress award at the City People Entertainment Awards.

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Beyond the silver screen, Laide Bakare is actively involved in philanthropy. She founded the TAMPAN Women’s Association, which empowers and supports women in the Nigerian movie industry. Additionally, she is an advocate for better working conditions and welfare for actors and actresses.

Laide Bakare Personal Ventures and Business Endeavors:

Laide Bakare’s entrepreneurship skills are equally impressive. She is the CEO of Simline International, a company that deals in importing and exporting goods, with branches in Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

The multi-talented Laide Bakare is not just confined to acting and business; she has also ventured into music, releasing several singles and collaborating with other musicians in the Nigerian music scene. Furthermore, she is a talented writer, contributing to the improvement of scripts in Nollywood as a script consultant and editor.

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Laide Bakare Net Worth:

$1.6 million


Laide Bakare’s journey from a young girl in Ibadan to a renowned actress, director, producer, businesswoman, musician, and writer is truly inspiring. Her impact in the Nigerian entertainment industry and philanthropic work make her a role model for many aspiring actors and filmmakers. With a net worth of approximately $1.6 million, Laide Bakare’s achievements continue to motivate others to work hard and reach for their dreams.

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