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Biography and Networth

Owoh has played lead roles in numerous Nollywood films, leaving an indelible mark on audiences with his top-notch performances. Among his notable works are “Osuofia in London,” “Police Recruit,” “Chief Daddy,” “Lion Heart,” and “Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart,” where he showcased his versatility as an actor. Nkem Owoh Personal Life: Beyond his successful career, Nkem Owoh enjoys a happy family life. He tied the knot with his beloved wife, Ngozi Nkem Owoh, in 1998. The couple has been blessed with two daughters, adding more joy to their lives. Nkem Owoh Challenges: In November 2009, Nkem Owoh faced a harrowing ordeal when he was abducted in eastern Nigeria. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of 15 million naira, and after an unfortunate incident, his family allegedly paid 1.4 million naira to secure his release. Nkem Owoh Net Worth: With his immense talent and successful acting career, Nkem Owoh’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, making him one of Nigeria’s wealthiest actors and comedians. Conclusion: Nkem Owoh’s journey from Enugu State to becoming a legendary actor and comedian in Nigeria is truly inspiring. His exceptional performances and contributions to Nollywood have solidified his place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Despite facing challenges, Owoh’s passion for acting and dedication to his craft continue to shine. We look forward to witnessing more remarkable performances from this iconic entertainer.

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Toriah Lachell, a popular American hairstylist and social media influencer, has been making waves in the beauty industry. Her exceptional skills and dedication have earned her a significant following. Let’s take a closer look at her early life, career, personal life, and social media presence.

Toriah Lachell Early Life and Education:

Born in February 2000 in Missouri, United States, Toriah Lachell was raised in a mixed family. Her mother, Julie Gibbs, remarried to John Gibbs, whom she shares a close relationship with. Information about her biological father and siblings remains undisclosed. Toriah attended Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, Missouri, where she obtained her high school diploma.

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Toriah Lachell Career and Success:

As a rising hairstylist, Toriah Lachell has excelled in her profession. Her career flourished without any interference from her previous relationship with a well-known American basketball player, Jayson Tatum. With a strong work ethic and dedication, she has become a highlighted hairstylist in her field. Toriah shares valuable hair care products and secrets on her Instagram account, attracting a growing number of followers.

Toriah Lachell Personal Life:

Toriah Lachell was previously married to Jayson Tatum, whom she met during high school. They started as friends and later began dating, resulting in the birth of their son, Jayson Christopher Tatum Junior, born in December 2017. After their divorce, Toriah focused on raising her son and maintaining her private life. She has not disclosed any information regarding her current relationship status.

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Toriah Lachell Social Media Presence:

Toriah Lachell is active on social media, sharing her hair care expertise with her followers. Her Instagram account, @hairbytoriahlachell, is a hub for hair enthusiasts seeking tips and product recommendations. On Twitter, she can be found under the handle @thecurlbarboston.

Toriah Lachell Net Worth

$15 million


Toriah Lachell’s journey from being an American hairstylist to a social media influencer has been inspiring. Her talent, hard work, and commitment to her craft have contributed to her success in the beauty industry. As she continues to captivate her audience with stunning hairstyles and expert advice, it’s evident that Toriah Lachell’s future is full of promise and possibilities.

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